Spectacle Lenses

Single Vision Lenses

Single vision lenses are designed to be used at a specified distance, this can be far distance for example, driving or watching TV,or for our presbyopic patients, for viewing near objects for example reading a book or sewing or for intermediate use such as viewing a computer screen, or reading sheet music.

Bifocal Lenses

Bifocal lenses are designed so that there are two areas of clear vision, (usually distance and near). A segment towards the bottom of the lens provides the second area of clear vision. Although bifocals are commonly regarded as a more dated option, bifocal segments are available in a range of shapes and sizes and offer an alternative option for presbyopic patients.

Progressive Power Lenses

Progressive power lenses (varifocals) allow clear viewing at all distances, the power of the lens changes depending which area of the lens you are looking through, allowing a smooth transition from distance to intermediate to near. There are many different lens designs available to suit most budgets and visual requirements offering presbyopic patients a wide range of options. Castle Opticians has been awarded the coveted Varilux Specialist status to recognise our experience in dispensing Varilux Varifocals.

Prescription Sunglasses

UV protection for your eyes is important whatever your age. We offer a range of prescription designer sunglasses from £99 including frame & single vision lenses. We can also provide prescription sunglasses in bifocals or varifocals and offer a range of tint, different transmission levels and colours.